We would like to introduce you to two newspaper columns, Titans of Fortune and Great American Fortunes, historically accurate and fun-to-read biographical sketches of America‚Äôs greatest moguls, men and women who had a profound impact on the nation and the globe while amassing enormous fortunes.  Each column is complete, edited and includes an image (typically in the public domain, or where rights were acquired).

The men and women who are the subject of the Titans of Fortune and Great American Fortunes articles evoke images of great wealth, opulent lifestyles, and unrestrained power. They were empire builders.

These biographical profiles are steeped in history and provide insight into the qualities and characteristics that made these men and women enormously successful. They influenced how we dress, what we eat, how we travel, what we read, the laws that regulate our lives, politics, entertainment, global communication, mass transportation, urban growth, and industrial development. Some were robber barons, others great philanthropists, but they all had a splendid audacity.

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